Jett Automo

Dear Friends and Family,

Please support our Rancho Santa Margarita Christian School Golf Ball Drop Contest!

I am excited to be participating in a contest where I can win great prizes, earn homework and free dress passes, and a pizza party for my entire class!

Best of all, you may win $1,000 in cash!

On Friday, November 6 a fire truck will drop thousands of golf balls over a target on the grassy area of our campus. The golf ball that goes in the hole first or is closest to the target will $1000 in cash! The cost is only $10 per golf ball.

I have a personal webpage to make it easy for you to support me and my school. If you have received this message via email, just click on the link at the top of this message (above the blue bar with my name) and you will be directed to my personal page where you can support me by clicking the blue Golf Ball Drop Tickets button.

With your help, I will win great prizes and support my school. 100% of proceeds from our golf ball drop will fund the installation of interactive whiteboards/flatscreens in classrooms.

Your donation is also tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Jett Automo

Click on the blue GOLF BALL DROP TICKETS button at the top of this page to purchase golf balls.